Adventure Park

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, MD has a new fun escape room called Adventure Park. Can you believe it, an escape room based around an amusement park not a carnival? It even has a roller coaster car in it! The beginning of this fun escape room takes players down the perfect path just like if you were to go to a real park and buy tickets. It is an electrifying wonderful escape room full of possibilities for anyone looking to be challenged and wanting to have fun at the same time. The entire first room does not even have a lock! It is one of the hardest rooms at Get a Clue Games.

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland is the only business that created an escape room that requires you turn on each puzzle before you can actually play it! The creators at Get a Clue Games don’t follow the same pattern as other escape room businesses. They just build fun escape rooms for everyone based on what they think would be fun. Get a Clue Games in Baltimore, Maryland is the only location in the country. Adventure Park is the most challenging room at Get a Clue Games in Baltimore. The other rooms do not even come close to the deep levels of thinking that are required for each puzzle that exists in this room.


  • Looking for something new and fun
  • Looking for new ways to interact with your friends
  • Looking for better ways to engage your staff
  • Looking for things to do in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Looking to test your wits and challenge yourself

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland

Get a Clue Games Escape Room in Baltimore, Maryland has an awesome escape room called Adventure Park where the themes and puzzles make you feel like you just went to an amusement park. You have to check it out! When you are ready to plan your next experience, think Get a Clue Games Baltimore, Maryland and play Adventure Park.