Chocolate Factory

Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, MD has a loosely based Willy Wonka themed escape room. They are the only escape room business on this side of the country that has this unique, wacky, whimsical, fun escape room where any puzzle can be played at any time with no purposeful path. Actually, it is probably the only escape room where you are trying to get in and not out. Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland focuses on fun for all ages. The kids love the chocolate factory concept and adults feel nostalgic about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and want to relive the movie in our room. The puzzles in this room are one-of-a-kind and truly matched with the theme. You have to use all of your senses and you get a sweet treat at the end if you are successful. Absolutely an amazing experience.


Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland now has five fun escape rooms. The names of their fun escape rooms are the Zodiac, the Chocolate Factory, the Agency, Adventure Park and Convicted. Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore has many 5-star ratings and you can tell they focus on exceptional customer service and awesome escape room experiences.

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Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland

Get a Clue Games Escape Room in Baltimore, Maryland is a fantastic business where players come from all over to experience well built rooms. You have to visit their website and book your next adventure at Get a Clue Games. When you’re ready for something new, think Get a Clue Games Baltimore, Maryland.