Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, MD has a fun escape room called the Zodiac. The Zodiac escape room in Baltimore is the best one around. This fun escape room is based off the real crazy Zodiac serial killer from the late 60s. The Zodiac killer was a real person and the room has so many real facts weaved throughout game play that you get lost in its story. Get a Clue Games is so clever with how they disguise truth from fiction and how they reveal a clue. The clues definitely pack a punch.

The Zodiac escape room at Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland is one of their best rooms. It is linear in fashion and people love it because it is logical. Get a Clue Games in Baltimore, Maryland worked hard to make sure that the Zodiac room makes sense and follows a path from beginning to end, like that of a serial killer. It is challenging enough for the escape room enthusiast but not so hard that new players get frustrated. Get a Clue Games never disappoints and the Zodiac escape room in Baltimore, Maryland is one escape room experience you can’t miss.


Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland built a real cabin inside the escape room that makes you feel like you are in the woods. The theming in this room is quite brilliant and makes you want to come back and see what the other rooms look like!

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Get a Clue Games Escape Room Baltimore, Maryland is the best escape room in Maryland. None of their rooms are the same.

Get a Clue Games Escape Room in Baltimore, Maryland is where players come to experience really themed rooms with unique puzzles! You have to book your next fun escape room at Get a Clue Games. Think Get a Clue Games Baltimore, Maryland when you’re ready to try awesomeness!