Adventure Park

  60-minute experience
  2 - 12 players

I had a great time with my family. We did 2 rooms and they wore both excellent. Full of tech. very innovative puzzles and we really enjoyed the Adventure Park escape room.


The Abondoned Amusement Park escape room is AWESOME! Every bit of this room, from the graphics to the lighting, the authentic decor to intricate detail, evokes the feeling you have fallen into a a retro, magical, colorful, mysterious. fun-filled, exciting Abondoned Amusement Park! The owners are extremely creative, friendly and bright and it sure shows at Get A Clue Escape Room!!


100% amazing place to go staff is SO NICE can’t hesitate that enough and the rooms are so fun! Defenently recommend👍

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You heard an interesting rumor about an abandoned amusement park and wanted to check it out with a group of your friends. Legend has it that a great storm destroyed much of the Park and the owners never had a chance to rebuild before they passed. You and a group of your friends went exploring in search of the park and finally found the entrance hidden among boarded up doors, locks and overgrown weeds. Once you find your way inside, you realize the doors locked behind you. The Day Pass you used to enter the park was a one-way ticket. In order to get out and win the game, you must finish the park and escape before getting trapped inside. You have 60 minutes to bring the park back to life and open the doors.