60-minute experience
  2 - 10 players

My Escape Room experience at Get a Clue was fantastic! I was apprehensive going into the experience, but am a big fan coming out of it. We played the Spy Agency Game. The creativity, intricacy, and tech savvy were impressive. The level of difficulty was spot on -- enough to add pressure and make it interesting, but not so much that it felt impossible. Every piece was well thought out, and there were so many surprises along the way. Can't wait to try the other games that Get a Clue offers. Don't miss out on this great time!


Lots of fun!!! Great team building activity for my dental office staff of 10. challenging and exciting to race against the clock. We all had fun. We can't wait to go back and try the other rooms in the future. If you are looking for something different to have fun this is the place to go!!.


Had a great time. Rooms are challenging and well built with great decor. Met the owners who also run the games and they were incredibly welcoming and friendly. Will definitely come back to do the other rooms!

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The Agency was attacked! In a matter of minutes someone breached security, managed to capture a senior agent and make it out of the building without getting caught. While nothing from the Research Division has been stolen, the agent was kidnapped from the most secured facility in the world. Everyone is on red alert. Teams are already scrambling. Your team's mission is to find clues to rescue the missing agent, find out why The Agency was attacked and put a stop to it! The best place to start is where everything unfolded, his office. Can you complete your mission before time runs out?