Chocolate Factory

  60-minute experience
  2 - 10 players

We completed the Chocolate factory room! This was SO much fun and I think I'm hooked! Staff was great, establishment clean and well decorated with the theme. Would recommend!


Two weeks ago, I went here for my cousins' birthday, and it was great! We did the chocolate factory and it was way more than what I expected. I'm going to go here for my birthday, or when they make a new room!


I loved this place. We were scheduled to only do one but we loved it so much that we went for a second room. It was a great time and there was awesome service. Hats off to the man who created the puzzles for this place. They are excellent!

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The old Chocolate Master wasn’t feeling so good. This was the first time in years when he missed an order of his famous chocolate treats. Soon after, the newspaper announced his passing. The great Chocolate Factory closed it's doors forever. However, a year later there was an odd rumor that the Master was on the lookout for a successor and left behind clues on how to open the unbreakable doors. In the factory, he hid his greatest recipe. You have one hour to get into the factory, find the recipe and replicate it to become the next Chocolate Master and own the factory. Will you be able to find the clues that the old Chocolate Master left behind before time runs out?