60-minute experience
  2 - 10 players

We had an amazing time! I can’t rave about this place enough. We finished the zodiac room with time to spare. We had an absolutely wonderful games master. It was fantastic. I highly recommend this location!


Four of us did the Zodiac room for my daughter's birthday. It was a great room and so much fun! Ryan was amazing, so friendly and helpful. A fun event to do with family or friends.


We enjoyed Zodiac so much that we booked the next available slot for The Chocolate Factory as soon as we escaped! If you like a consistent story and a healthy mix of puzzle types in your escape rooms (not to mention passionate and friendly owners), Get A Clue is definitely worth a visit. Thanks for the great times!

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You finally got a lucky break as a journalist when you received a tip about the whereabouts of an active serial killer with a passion for the arts, especially photography. You’re eager to confirm this lead, warn the authorities and write an amazing follow up story. But you know this type of work proves beyond dangerous, so you chose not to go alone. Turns out your gut feeling was right. You weren’t the only one tipped off. The killer has been taunting the police and the press for years with unsolved riddles that lead nowhere and now you’re stuck right in the middle of it. After running through the forest for hours, you finally stumble upon what appears to be a cozy cabin. However, once inside, you realize you made a mistake. You hope your instincts can save you in time. Will you be able to find the right clues and get out before the killer returns?